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Anish Patnaik - UTH

My name is Anish Patnaik and I am a third-year medical student at the UTHealth McGovern Medical School. My experiences at the HOMES Clinic has not only humbled me, but shown what quality care and compassion look like. My interactions with this patient population remind me why it is a privilege to be in the medical profession and I'm grateful for every opportunity I have to learn and grow from the Sundays I spend here. I'm excited to try and improve care for the underserved in whatever way possible. In addition to volunteering, I enjoy playing basketball, running, playing the guitar and piano, as well as photography and hiking.


Associate Directors of Operations (


James Jurica - BCM

My name is James Jurica. I am an MD/MBA student at BCM/Rice finishing MS3 and starting my MBA this year. As a native Houstonian, I have grown up volunteering around the city and am passionate about helping the poor and underserved in this community. I began volunteering at the HOMES clinic because I saw it as a very tangible and effective way to provide assistance to those who need it most while simultaneously learning from and connecting with fellow students. Volunteering at HOMES clinic has been a unique and eye-opening experience that has taught me a great deal about both the importance and the challenges of bringing medical care to the underserved.  I am honored to be part of the HOMES team and look forward to continuing to serve the homeless population of Houston.


Matthew Lagarde - UTH

I’m Matthew Lagarde, and I’m a Third year Medical Student at UT Houston. My experiences at the HOMES clinic have given me an appreciation for what homeless Houstonians go through and have shown me that we as students can do important work to address their needs. I’m excited to further the HOMES mission, as well help other medical students make face-to-face connections with patients and feel confident in their doctoring skills.  


Associate Directors of Managers (


Rhea Soltau - UH

Hello! My name is Rhea Soltau. I am a 3rd year Pharmacy Student at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. I completed my undergrad work in San Antonio where I was born and raised. I have always had a deep calling to medicine and service. Upon entering pharmacy school I sought out ways to begin giving back, since I felt stagnant simply attending lectures and taking tests. After my first experience with HOMES and the resilient population it serves, my passion to learn and become a competent healthcare provider was reignited. HOMES Clinic is comprised of an incredible community of people who selflessly give their time and skills to people who are truly in need. It was for this reason, and the fact that they teach students with open arms and hearts, that I pursued further involvement. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my son and husband and taking a nap.

Lucia Guerrero - BCM

Hi everyone! My name is Lucia Guerrero and I am a second year medical student. I am from El Paso, TX and I attended the University of Texas at Austin. I grew up in an underserved community, I am the first person in my family to attend college, my hope is to one day serve vulnerable populations as a physician.  HOMES has been the best experience of my medical school career so far, I am in awe all of the incredible people I have met. As Associate Director of Managers, I wish to continue improving HOMES for patients and volunteers alike.  


Associate Directors of Projects


Jennifer Bush - UTH

My name is Jennifer Bush and I am a 4th year medical student at McGovern Medical School and I will be the McGovern Associate Director of Projects for 2019-2020. I have been involved with HOMES Clinic and Street Outreach since the beginning of medical school and am excited to be a part of the leadership board again this year! Studying global health in college taught me that the concept of "global health" can be expanded to any aspect of community-based medicine, both in the United States and abroad. I am interested in learning more about the homeless community in Houston, and how I, as a future physician, can positively impact the vulnerable populations of Houston. Since volunteering, I have been able to learn first-hand how the social and community environment impact the health of individuals. I hope to carry this knowledge and my future experiences at HOMES and Street Outreach with me as I embark on my clinical career.

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Callie Downs - UH

My name is Callie Downs and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. HOMES has been a very integral part of my pharmacy school journey, and I am excited to continue to serve on the Board of Directors this year. Each time I visit clinic I am reminded of the distinct challenges faced by patients of all walks of life.  HOMES Clinic is a unique experience that encourages students to work together, promote exceptional patient care, and step out of their comfort zone to serve their fellow Houstonians, and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer. Beyond pharmacy school I am interested in pursuing a PhD in health economics/outcomes and examining health disparities. Outside of pharmacy and volunteering, I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog, traveling, and exploring Houston’s robust food scene!


Special Projects Coordinators


Amy Mullikin - UTH

My name is Amy Mullikin and I am one of the Special Projects Coordinators for this upcoming year. I am a MS2 in the MD/MPH program at McGovern Medical School. I am interested in going into the field of pediatrics and my interests in public health concern health equity and public policy. I am also involved in the TMA/AMA organization as the TMA VP for McGovern’s chapter. I am from Grapevine, Texas and attended UT Austin for my undergrad earning a BSA in Biology. In my spare time I love to explore local theaters, parks as well as new restaurants around Houston. I look forward to a great year!

Maneesha Julakanti - BCM

My name is Maneesha Julakanti and I am a second-year medical student at the Baylor College of Medicine. Going to school in Waco, a city with a 29.4% poverty rate, I realized how much of an impact caring community and health services could make in empowering individuals. The more I worked with the underserved through places like HOMES, I knew that I had found my people. As a Special Projects Coordinator, I hope to tie together various community and interdisciplinary resources to consolidate care at HOMES. In my spare time, I like to rock climb, play music, and get to know Houston!

Associate Directors of External Communications (

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Ryan Kim - UTH

Hello, I'm Ryan, and I'm a 4th year medical student at UT Houston McGovern Medical School. I was born and raised in South Korea and came to the States at age 16. Participating in HOMES has been one of the greatest and most memorable experiences in medical school so far, changing my perspective of homelessness as well as allowing me to realize the importance of healthcare as a critical component of social justice. In 2019-20 academic year, I will continue to serve as Associate Director of External Communications to promote awareness of homelessness in Houston and advertise what HOMES collectively does to improve homeless health.

Thomas Gebert - BCM

As a first-year medical student neck deep in the pre-clinical basic science coursework, volunteering at the HOMES clinic helped remind me of what it was all for. It gave me an opportunity to see the clinical significance of what I was learning. Furthermore, I felt I was playing a part in providing a necessary service to a population with limited access to health care. I look forward to using my role as Associate Director of External Communications to share and promote these experiences for the benefit of both students and the homeless community in Houston.


Baylor College of Medicine Student Representatives


Rishabh Kothari

My name is Rishabh Kothari and I am a second-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. Before beginning medical school, I attended The University of Texas at Austin. I am excited to serve as the BCM representative on the leadership team for the HOMES Clinic! I decided to join the leadership team because volunteering at HOMES Clinic has been an incredibly meaningful experience for me - I feel so privileged to be able to contribute to the care of vulnerable populations in Houston as a student. In addition, I feel that understanding how social determinants of health impact individuals of the homeless community is critical to improving the collective health of the larger Houston community.  As a BCM representative, I look forward to working with fellow students to fulfill the mission of HOMES. 

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Sarah McGriff

Hi, I am Sarah McGriff, and I am a 3rd year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. Ever since my medical school interview, I have wanted to get involved with HOMES. My host student spoke so highly of her experiences with both the clinic and street outreach teams that HOMES became the one activity I knew I absolutely had to participate in when I came to medical school. Now having volunteered myself, I am even more grateful to have had the opportunity to meet our patients and hear their stories. Volunteering at HOMES has been the highlight of my medical school career thus far. As a representative for my school, I hope to raise awareness about the unique health care needs of Houston’s homeless community and the different ways for students to volunteer with HOMES.


McGovern Medical School (UTHSC Houston) Student Representatives

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Katherine Yu

Hi, I’m Katherine, and I’m a 2nd year medical student at McGovern Medical School. I knew I wanted to be a part of something that addressed the health disparities that exist in Houston, and HOMES was everything I was looking for and more. Volunteering in the clinic the past year has really opened my eyes to the struggles that the homeless population faces and how closely they result from social determinants of health - hearing the stories of these patients has humbled me and uncovered some hidden biases I didn’t know I previously held. I’m looking forward to working with HOMES this year and, through this experience, hope to become a more compassionate physician in the future.

Evan Shegog

My name is Evan Shegog and I am a second-year medical student at McGovern Medical School. I am from Houston and graduated from Rice University. Being able to put the skills we learn in the classroom to meaningful use at the HOMES clinic is what initially attracted me to this volunteer position. Having lived in Houston for my whole life, the ability to provide the necessary care to such an underserved local population and give back to the community is why I have decided to get involved. Apart from volunteering at HOMES, I enjoy playing soccer, traveling, and hearing corny jokes.


University of Houston College of Pharmacy Student Representatives

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Diana Rodriguez - Senior Representative

My name is Diana Rodriguez and I am a second-year pharmacy student at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. I am very fortunate to be able to advocate for pharmacy students at HOMES Clinic as the 2018-2019 Junior Representative. It has truly been a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with the medical students and provide health resources to those that might not otherwise have access to healthcare. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, watching sports, and spending time with my dog.

Masa Abdo - Junior Representative

My name is Masa Abdo and I am a second year pharmacy student at University of Houston College of Pharmacy. I am very excited to have the role of 2019-2020 UHCOP Junior Representative. HOMES clinic was something that intrigued me since I first learned about it my first week of pharmacy school. I look forward to advocating for my profession, and working interdisciplinary to provide healthcare to those that are underserved. When I’m not studying, I enjoy working out, spending time with friends, and traveling.


Associate Director of Research

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Alex Gener - BCM

Fanni Cardenas - UTH

My name is Fanni Cardenas and I am a third year medical student at McGovern Medical School. I am honored to serve as an Associate Director of Research for HOMES Clinic for the 2019-2020 year. Before medical school, I had the opportunity to work with many underserved communities while completing my MPH in Fort Worth. As part of a project evaluation team, our research focused on evaluating outcomes of various programs that catered to the underserved communities within Tarrant County. It was during this time that I realized my passion for working with the underserved, and I was drawn immediately to HOMES when starting medical school. Through research, we can not only demonstrate the success of HOMES Clinic and its impact on Houston’s homeless population, but we can also identify avenues for future improvement in order to better serve this community effectively. 


Street Medicine Liaison


Preston Baker - UTH

My name is Preston Baker and I am a 2nd year medical student at McGovern Medical School. I will be one of the McGovern HOMES Representatives for 2018-19. As the first person in my family to attend medical school, I knew very little about physician’s responsibilities to society and the communities they serve. My experiences volunteering with HOMES have been very humbling and influenced my perspective of what it means to be a great physician. Listening to patient’s stories on Sundays and providing them with much needed care always renews my passion for medicine. Outside of school and volunteering I love being outdoors, watching sports, and eating good food.

Susie De la Torre - UTH

Hello my name is Susie. I am a second year student at McGovern Medical School and I will be one of the Street Medicine Liaisons for 2019-2020. After graduating college I worked for 4 years which allowed me the opportunity to move around, visit new places, and experience new things. That time was very eye opening because I witnessed things like food deserts, saw how inequitable access to healthcare is, and I became interested in learning about services available to combat these inequalities. The experience made me interested in working with underserved populations and getting involved with Homes Clinic has been a rewarding way to start. I am very excited to work with the organization to rebuild the Street Medicine Program and bring much needed care to the homeless population of Houston.