In the Street Outreach program, a group of doctors, nurse practitioners, case managers, and medical students meet Houston’s homeless where they are: parks, street corners, bus stops, and other often-overlooked corners of our city. We begin our encounters by providing water, granola bars, and hygiene kits and by getting to know the person and their unique struggles. We distribute resources, have conversations, make clinic appointments, and offer housing evaluations. These conversations and small offerings are the first steps in building trust between the homeless and the medical community.


  • Every Thursday
  • 1pm  - 4pm (ish)


  • Location varies by date.
  • Previous locations have included Cathedral Clinic and Palmar Way Station.

What to Bring:

  • Casual/Professional Dress: be prepared to walk and carry some weight
  • Backpack: Street Outreach will provide the hygiene kits, water, and bars to fill it when you arrive
  • Stethoscope (optional)

What to Expect:

The populations we serve have sometimes had negative encounters with the healthcare system, and we are here to help rebuild trust. The most important thing is to just listen and be present. When you arrive, we will discuss how to sign people up for Clinic Appointments (at SEARCH and Cathedral Clinic), and what services the clinics can provide. We will take 10-20 minutes to reflect at the end of the experience.