9:00 Arrival

9:15 Orientation - This will be conducted by the managers in the conference room. They will discuss the organization, setup, and funding of HHH, the Beacon, and HOMES as well as the course of the day.

9:30 Meet patients in the Beacon - This is an opportunity to meet the clients of the Beacon as well as recruit patients for the coming day. Volunteers are encouraged to sit down at a table and strike up a conversation to better learn about the patients we serve.

10:00 See first patient - Teams will be assigned to rooms and will begin seeing their first patient. Typically the initial patient encounter will last about 45 minutes after which the team will present the patient to the attending, formulate a plan of care, and then ultimately meet with both the patient and attending to review this plan.

11:45 See second patient

2:00-2:30 Conclusion - Conducted at the end of the day, this group reflection is an opportunity to share thoughts about the day's experience. This will typically last about 15 minutes after which time the volunteers are dismissed.


Note: While every effort is made to get volunteers out by 3pm, patient care sometimes necessitates that we run a little longer. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Volunteer Roles

  • Please view our Student Volunteer Roles Handout to learn more about the responsibilities of each volunteer position.

  • Clinical Students:
    For newer clinical students or those who would like a refresher, this Clinical Student Handbook can provide invaluable insight into this role at HOMES Clinic.